Working with LGL Woodworks goes far beyond the realization of your project, for us, working with like-minded people in an environment of trust and collaboration, is paramount in achieving our goal of providing great quality product with its accompanying service. In other words, we expect you to feel like we are a good fit.

Melanie Saad

4cdesign inc.

The LGL Woodworks Team is an absolute delight to collaborate with. Their attention to details, quantity of materials & finishes with an emphasis on craftsmanship are just some of the many ways they help us strive to create Timeless Interiors.

Great Design Makes a Difference

Debby Pagé


LGL Woodworks is a trusted company where we understood from the very first project that they were always going to find a solution to carry out our concepts as designed, regardless of the difficulty of the detail. From the relationship with customers to the finishing of details, the work is carried out with special attention. They are passionate cabinetmakers with a sincere desire to design new quality projects.

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For several years now, our company, the Casanova Construction Group Inc., has been installing custom furnishings produced by LGL Woodworks. Detailed plans with very precise measurements provide us with all the elements necessary to carry out the installation work efficiently. The production department constantly communicates with us and supports us throughout the work. The design of their product meets high-end finishing criteria that make installation management much more pleasant and ensure customer satisfaction.Our priority being to offer a high quality service and finished product, we particularly appreciate collaborating with LGL.

Vincent Casanova – Casanova Construction Group Inc.

LGL is professional and pays attention to small details which is imperative for a beautifully authentic kitchen design! 

Kimberly Watt

LGL Woodworks offers top quality service respecting the chosen design and delivery time. For woodwork of unparalleled elegance, don’t hesitate to entrust your most perfectionist projects to them!

Roland Jr. Henry, VP Maisons HR