The LGL difference


We offer products and services that are truly unique. The differences are concrete and tangible, as described in these following sections:

The LGL Difference, What we do that Others Don’t and Our Manufacturing Steps.

  • We control our level of quality throughout  
  • We have real cabinet makers produce components for optimal workmanship 
  • We remain independent of delivery timelines of others  
  • We custom fit for exact integration
  • We partially assemble for perfect joints and finish
  • We produce extra long pieces with invisible joints
  • We increase drying times and clamp components for long-lasting joints
  • We don’t have any dimensional constraints for doors
  • We place our grain properly for proper matching
  • We select our wood piece by piece for optimal usage and placement

We custom build components

We assemble
the entire project
at the shop 

  • We give you the option of having an in-house walkthrough
  • We send progress pictures so you can see your project come together 
  • We carry out a vigorous quality control, so it fits perfectly the first time 
  • We assemble as much as possible, so the joints are perfect and installation is quicker and easier
  • We machine, integrated components as much as possible, so we don’t have to on site (lights, handles, drawer dividers, etc.)
  • The installers know that everything fit at the shop and so question before making errors 
  • Every job is put into a production schedule from start to finish
  • Job costing and proper scheduling prevents overbooking, so everything comes in on time
  • If ever we have a scheduling issue, we contact the client before it becomes a problem
  • We work with the contractor to make sure our dates work with his dates
  • We deliver projects according to priority, to help the entire project advance efficiently 

We respect delivery dates through job costing and scheduling

We complete with shipping and installation standards 

  • We start by making sure the job site has proper floor protection
  • Our deliverers then make sure the workspace is organized for our installers
  • Deliverers place modules sequentially to help the flow of installation 
  • Everything is properly wrapped so as to avoid any damage on site 
  • We roll out jobs to feed the installers when on larger jobs
  • We simply start with the best installers in the industry which solves most problems
  • Our teams are all CCQ certified  
  • We can handle larger jobs with many available installation teams 
  • We work with the contractors/builders, to make sure the clients have a pleasant experience and that all their needs are met
  • We have developed methods that allow for a fluid and sequential installation, minimizing the chance for client dissatisfaction.
  • We resolve problems as and before they occur
  • We finish and adjust as we go to minimize the chance the client has any issues
  • We make sure the job site is clean and looks good for the client everyday
  • We do a final quality control and walk through with the contractor/builder
  • Our intent is to get in and get out as quickly as possible without any issues
  • Our approach isn’t bureaucratic, and we work at having the least amount of extras as possible.

We always work
as a team
and aim for perfect completion

We always go the extra mile!


  • We produce all our mouldings in one pass so the profiles line up perfectly
  • We custom make all our doors and clamp them, ensuring that the joints don’t open needlessly
  • We properly edge our MDF to ensure the edging doesn’t fray
  • We apply multiple coats of catalyzed primer and finish to make sure the finish is as durable as possible
  • We sand every, piece properly so machining marks are completely removed
  • We use all available finishes such as lacquers, polyurethanes, etc.
  • We produce flat finishes including blacks
  • We produce hand-polished glossy finishes
  • We work with custom metal, glass (including smart glass) and LED lighting
  • We manage sub-trades so you don’t have to

Project stages from
concept to production



Concept drawings 

  • We receive concept drawings from the client, designer, contractor or builder
  • We study drawings and make suggestions
  • Deadlines are discussed
  • Options are discussed



  • We produce a detailed quote, to clearly define the project from start to finish
  • We identify what is and what is not included
  • We list payment terms
  • Our intent: to make sure we are all on the same page
  • The quote is signed by the client acknowledging that he or she approves the detailed quote


Shop drawings 

  • We take our measurements ourselves and are responsible for their exactitude
  • We have meetings with the contractor/builder to discuss the project in detail and we ask for all pertinent information such as appliance specs, hardware, lighting, etc.
  • We produce detailed shop drawings, to precisely define materials, details and dimensions for the entire team
  • We produce plans that highlight electrical, plumbing, gas and wall placement requirements
  • The client signs every page approving what is drawn
  • We produce finished samples the client is asked to sign off on
  • We leave a set of plans with the contractor on site so that workers can consult them



  • Production using a mix of ancestral and modern methods and tools (we send pictures and you can come see your assembled project)
  • Dismantling and codification
  • Sanding
  • Finishing
  • Quality control
  • Partial assembly
  • Packaging
  • Delivery
  • Installation