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“It all started some 30 years ago when I created a piece of furniture for my girlfriend! When I look back at that point in time and realize what has been accomplished, I am very proud.”

– Louis Lacroix, founder, co-owner and President –

In the last 30 years, we went from a custom furniture business producing small one of a kind pieces to being able to produce multiple projects for large homes and businesses both locally and internationally. We have worked on commercial projects, condo towers, private châteaux, modern projects, traditional projects, restoration of historic buildings, executive offices and more. During this time, we have been committed to offering the best quality and service to our clients and partners. Our passion for the craft and the way in which we execute our projects has given rise to specialized production methods and standards that all come together to lend a unique look to the finished product. To meet ever-growing demand, we have even expanded 5 times to ever-larger premises.

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Montréal • Québec • Canada

Our history


In the past 30 years, LGL Woodworks has attained a contractor’s license, RBQ licence and w-rks on CCQ contracts. We have-moved from hand drawn paper drafting to AutoCad computer concepts, shop drawings and 3D renders. As we’ve moved to ever more complex projects, we have entered the world of custom carving, custom metal, custom glass, LED lighting, ultra flat finishes, polyester coverings, high gloss acrylic coverings, hand polished polyurethane finishes and even self-repairing Fenix coverings.

During this time, our goal has always been to supply quality products and services, with client satisfaction at the forefront.


We specialized in small furniture and reproductions of all kinds.


We bought out a kitchen manufacturer and added that specialty to our product mix.


We started to work on larger projects and have become specialized in producing multiple projects per home.


Our latest foray has taken us to integrate multiple custom materials both locally and internationally.

“We don’t build what is quick and easy,
we build what is aesthetically sound, no matter the added difficulty”

– Charles Roch, co-owner and VP Operation –


An accomplished team dedicated
to the success of your tailor-made project

Our team of professionals is at the heart of our success and all our departments work with one common goal: to complete each project to perfection, on time and on budget. The sales department ensures that all your needs are met and that the mandate is clear and accurate from the start. The technical drawing team is of unparalleled precision and their rigour allows for defining projects in their smallest detail. Our experienced cabinetmakers have mastered both artisanal manufacturing techniques and high-tech tools, their know-how is undoubtedly at the top of their profession. The final look is achieved through the meticulousness and patience of our finishing department that work diligently towards producing an impeccable finish. Our delivery staff then ensure quality control and that all components arrive at the destination without the slightest defect. The experience ends with our installation team completing the job in every detail and making sure the client is completely satisfied. No need to make a great product if you don’t have great installers to showcase it.
You can trust our team.


Principal partner


VP Operations



“At the end of the day, we are very lucky to have found a profession for which we have a real passion. It hasn’t always been easy but, with hindsight, it’s all been worth the hard work and commitment. Looking forward to many more challenges and collaborations in years to come.“

– LGL Woodworks Team –